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“Therefore submit to God. But resist the devil and he will flee from you.” Jacob 4:7

Comedian flip Wilson made this line famous: “The devil made me do it!” The characters in Wilson’s comedy routines often blamed the devil for leading them into trouble. While comedians are not usually a go-to source for biblical theology, Flip Wilson was partly right. The devil can’t make anyone do anything, but he can definitely tempt us and influence our choices. But we have defensive measures.

Yeshua’s encounter with Satan in the Judean wilderness is a proof text for the fact that Satan can tempt a child of God. This happened at the very beginning of Yeshua’s public ministry when a failure on His part would’ve been catastrophic. Satan tempted Yeshua 3 different times with 3 different enticements. But each time Yeshua rebuffed the offers and remain true to God’s word in God’s will. Though unsuccessful then, “And when the devil had completed every test, he departed from Him until another occasion.” (Luke 4:13) Jacob writes that if we do what Yeshua did: submit to God in obedient faith and resist the devil; Satan will flee from us. When we live clothed in the armor of God in obedient faith, Satan will be defeated. If you want to avoid sin, do not play games with temptation.