A violin that cannot be played was sold for $1,500,000. Its value was not in its musical quality but in its history, for it was played the last time in April 1912 by a doomed musician named Wallace Hartley aboard the Titanic. Hartley and his fellow musicians reportedly played, “Nearer, my God, to Thee”, as the vessel slipped beneath the icy Northern Atlantic. Hartley’s body was recovered 10 days later with his violin strapped to him.

We never know when will sing our last song in our life; but we know we will be a part of endless worship in God’s presence. As the psalmist said. (see above)

Since heaven is a literal place, and since will have resurrection bodies, will all be capable of singing and rejoicing and praising. The new heavens and the new earth are literal places with never ceasing meaningful activities. And praise will be a rich part of that activity. Our joy there will be unending and unimaginable.