Year after year, we wait for God to save us. Will this be the year? Will this be the end? Will the great feast finally be ours? I do not know. We aren’t supposed to know. What God expects from His children, at this time of year – and every year – is that you trust Him to take care of you, to love you, to give you peace knowing He is not here to vex you or torture you with unrealistic expectations that leave you bereft.

Our God is a God of hope, and HE can be trusted with your deepest sorrows and greatest dreams. He knows what you need and how to get your attention. We celebrate these High Holy Days to REMEMBER He is real and He cares and His character does not change.

Your Bible is not just a list of rules and regulations, but an almanac for growing mature. The Bible authentically teaches self-control, even though it has been used wrongly for centuries to justify oppression against others

In this crucial 6th moon (Elul) of waiting and watching for Messiah’s return at the 7th new moon – Rosh Hashana 2020 – September 20, let us anticipate that God will give us a new revelation. God speaks through His Appointed times. God ordained permission to expect Messiah to come. EVERYTHING in the Bible must be confirmed by two witnesses – heaven and earth. And as the earth is real, so is heaven. Remember to trust God’s promises.