Daily Devotions

Ezra set his heart to seek the Torah of Adonai, to observe and to teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel.

Ezra 7:10

Are you familiar with phrases about having our “daily devotions”? Where did that term originate? We don’t know when the word “devotions” was first used for periods of Bible study and prayer, but it’s appropriate. The word “devotion” means “earnest affection for a person or a cause.” It’s a better term than the word “commitment.” We can be committed to a cause out of sheer duty; but to be devoted implies commitment plus affection.

When we’re devoted to learning God’s Words, it helps to have the right study tool. The primary tool is having a Bible. Many also use a personal notebook to record their thoughts. A concordance (either online or in a book format) can help locate all the occurrences of a particular word in Scriptures. It’s rewarding to devoting ourselves to this study in observance of God’s Bible and teaching it to others. As you study your Bible with the help of the Holy Spirit, and live out the truths that God reveals to you, you will discover new stability, strength and confidence.