Essential Elements Weekly Prayer

I do this for my immediate family since I KNOW that I have authority in that realm, and then I ask God to extend it to my more extended family and spiritual children to whatever degree possible since I have SOME authority there (BMF, BMSN, BY@DCI).


This is the general idea. Without representative authority, you may pray and see no changes. For my family, I have my wife’s agreement and blessing to do this weekly prayer.


Realize that this is a weekly meeting between you and God. It’s an appointment that you don’t want to miss because of the intensity of the war that we are engaged in. Start off your time with thanksgiving and praise, and then move into repentance.


From there, start praying through the full armor of God in Ephesians 6:10-20.


Since you’ll be doing this weekly; pray with a focus of “permanent steps forward in spiritual growth” in each area of the armor.  For example, when you pray on the armor, ask that all of your family members and all of your community members grow in the following attributes over the next seven days.


  1. Helmet of Salvation – Appreciation for my salvation this week and growth in your ongoing redemption process
  2. Shield of Faith – becoming more confident and trusting in You, more faithful in obedient actions

iii. Sword of the Spirit – gaining more insight in the Bible, using it in a timely fashion and             only for redemptive purposes

  1. Breastplate of Righteousness – becoming a more righteous leader in my family, career, etc.
  2. Belt of truth – improving in areas of only allowing truth to come inside and outside of me
  3. Good News of shalom – That everybody I interact with will receive the Peace of God through me



When you’re finished putting on the armor, ask the Lord if He’ll extend His Kingly scepter and accept you into His throne room. Be still and listen. There may be an extra repentance issue He may want to resolve with you first.  If He says yes, then use your imagination to picture the throne room of G-d in Rev 4.  Consider giving a “report” about your family, life, etc.


  1. Ask Him if it’s okay to move into your essential prayer. If He says yes, then specifically pray, “In the name of Yeshua … Satan, you and everyone in your kingdom (demons, principalities, unclean spirits, humans, and any other evil spirits) are forbidden from trying to influence me or my family this week, in any sort of way. I release angels right now that serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to come and hold all of you back, as well to remove you from our home and our car.  I release these angels to re-establish our hedge of protection around our home and car, where our sin or visitor’s sin has allowed the satanic realm rulership.”


  1. Then pray, “I release angels to escort all these different spirits away from our land and car. This is our land and car that the Lord has given to us.” (Occasionally you’ll have to do this nightly depending on what has happened in your home, etc.)


  1. Then pray in tongues for a bit and visualize all of these things starting to happen. Angels are time and space-bound, so give time for this to actually happen and pray in the Spirit. Know that it is taking place because you’ve spoken it, and you are standing before the Lord in a holy moment, and that He is honoring this because you’ve spoken it.


  1. Pray: “Now Holy Spirit, we invite you into our home and car to minister to us. I also release angels to re-open the portal from our home to heaven this week. I release angels to come and go freely here, fulfilling the assignments of God this week.  I release them to minister to our family, as well as go out from this portal to our neighborhood.”


  1. Pronounce a fatherly (motherly) blessing over family members.


  1. Now that all of the noise and distractions are taken out of the way, start talking with Him. You can trust that what you hear from Him is accurate, at least more so than at most other times during the week because of the repentance at the beginning, extension of the scepter, cleansing of the home, etc. Ask Him what He wants to talk about; surely there are things He wants to talk to you about.


  1. We have found that when we do this on a weekly basis we have fewer “accidents”, stressful scenarios, etc. We have also found that this weekly essential prayer will bring your family back to ground zero, instead of being “behind” or “in the hole.”


  1. There may be other “kingly” declarations He wants you to make while in this authoritative position. Ask Him for any of those.